was founded in 2019 by Zach Westerhoff, Whitney DiFoggio & Alex Westerhoff with two objectives in mind. 

First, to provide our audience with a convenient way to find dental care by seamlessly connecting patients with a qualified dentist on their health care journey.

Second, to give dentists an opportunity to win back time! There is a better way to advertise your dental practice - one that results in dentists (or practice owners) finding more time to focus on their patients. More time fulfilled in both their personnel and professional lives.

Dental care for all.

We totally understand everyone can not afford dental care, about 50% of American's can't. We are bridging that gap with free content via the teethtalk platform, and a clear path to a dentist with teethtalk ads. We are so excited to be one step closer to our goal of dental care for all, the question is, are you coming with us?!

Why we do this.

We simply do this because of comments like these below. Reaching millions of people and having a positive impact in their lives. At the end of the day, our goal is to have assessable dental health information for everyone.