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How it works...

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People see your ad

People near your practice looking for dental help will see your dental practice ad appear on, social media YouTube or around the web.

Retarget on social

Keep your dental practice in front of your potential patients after they have already seen your ad. Patients are 70% more likely to book or call when shown retargeting ads.

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Attract the perfect patients

Gain patients that are excited about their dental health! Your reaching patients at the perfect step in there dental journey!

Why it works...

Audience. Audience. Audience! Wouldn't you love for your dental practice's social media, blog or YouTube channel to have millions of views every month!?

Teeth Talk Girl created one of the largest online communities around dental health. With millions of views and readers every month, the demand for individualized dental help, consequently created this advertising platform for dentist.

teethtalk ads gives you the power to reach new dental patients looking for help within clicks.

It's that simple.

Full funnel. One solution.

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1. Right people see your ad

People viewing Teeth Talk Girl or dental content within a 10 mile radius of your practice see your ad.

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2. Retarget on social & the web

People who seen your ad at least once will see it again on social or across the web.

dental landing page to attract more patients

3. Close the deal!

Book or make a call from the ad itself or book via an optimize landing page that converts.

Advanced targeting

We match the right content with the right dentist in the right location. So if you're an orthodontist, we match you with orthodontic viewers and readers more often.

It's easy as 1...2...3...

Get started with teethtalk ads in minutes!

1. Upload Branding & Info

Tell us about your practice and business objectives.

2. Approve Ads

We create the ads, landing pages, and targeting, you get the final call.

3. Go Live

Nearby patients will see your ads across the web.

Optimization & Reporting

Optimize your campaign

- Update specials & offers
- Change your creative
- Edit location information

Analyze your results

- Views build awareness
- Clicks show intention
- Calls drives action

Ready to grow your practice?

Built for every dental team no matter the size, teethtalk ads boosts local visibility while driving procedure-ready patients.

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