Be your office's superhero

Only teethtalk ads gives you the power to reach patients as they browse the web, learn on, use social media, or watch YouTube.

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dental patients finding a dentist via teeth talk girl and teeth talk ads

Be where your patients are

dental patients online consuming teeth talk girl videos and dental content

Active in their healthcare journey

People start their healthcare journey long before they sit in your dental chair. Be there from the beginning!

Breaking down fear

87% of all Americans have some type of dental fear. teethtalkgirl's content is proven to help overcome dental anxiety.

Digital is winning

We spend more time online than ever. Our platform reaches across devices & social media platforms

Harness revenue-generating superpowers

Reach people at the perfect time, retarget engaged users and book new patients. All on autopilot!
A stressed dentist overwhelmed by marketing and advertising services.

Do 200 things at onceโ€”and do them well

Google say it takes over 200 touchpoints for someone to make a decision about their health online. teethtalk ads gives you the power to show up when it matters most.

More time for YOU

Dentist are doctors. Not marketers. Win back time for your patients, an extra round of golf, or that family trip.
A happy dentist using teethtalk ads.

Tame the goliaths

Everyone is telling you that your dental practice NEEDS to be on social media but people underestimate the time commitment to running an engaging social media account.

As a dentist, the last thing you need to do is jump through social media's hoops to appease the all-mighty algorithm!

When advertising with teethtalk ads, your practice is being shown to one of the largest dental social media audiences that are looking for a dentist!

A dentist and patient concerned with a social media monster eating like buttons

Ready to grow your practice?

Built for every dental team no matter the size, teethtalk ads boosts local visibility while driving procedure-ready patients.

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A happy dentist using teethtalk ads.