At teethtalk ads, one of our goals is to connect as many patients to dentists as possible. To that end, we’ve decided to focus on relationships with dentists instead of the traditional sales team.  This way, we can rely on a network of agency partners and affiliates to bring more meaningful business to our door.

Successful teethtalk ads affiliates publish and share content showcasing our services, then earn commissions for business that they refer to us. If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate, you’ve come to the right place!

A rising tide lifts all boats

teethtalk ads affiliates are key partners in our business. We’re proud to offer a commission structure that’s rewards meaningful connection and relationships.

  • Each affiliate is given a unique link that allows us to track sign-ups that they’ve referred to us.

    Affiliates earn a commission on asuccessfully processed payment

    Track commissions via your affiliate dashboard

    Sign up and start earning commission today

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