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A Review of BetterMouth: Your Key to Achieving Better Teeth and Optimal Oral Health

As someone constantly seeking how to get better teeth and maintain good oral health, I recently tried BetterMouth, a text based oral health coaching platform. BetterMouth is a game-changing approach to preventing oral health problems, including gum disease and tooth decay.

Overall Impression of BetterMouth

From the beginning, BetterMouth impressed me with its personalized program. It felt like a masterclass in oral hygiene, offering a wealth of oral health tips. My experience was all about gum health. The program emphasizes the prevention of gum disease by teaching techniques to maintain healthy teeth and gums. It guided me on the importance of using fluoride toothpaste to protect tooth enamel, which is vital in combating tooth decay.

The BetterMouth Assessment

Your BetterMouth experience begins with an in-depth assessment quiz that delves into your dental hygiene practices. Initially, it presents basic questions, but then it progresses to a more introspective behavioral quiz. This part of the quiz prompted me to reflect critically on my habits and acknowledge areas where improvement was possible. Based on my responses, it intelligently suggested a program focused on gum care, tailored to the specific needs and habits I had shared. Take the quiz here.

How To Get Better Teeth and Gums

The daily coaching sessions are stuffed with advice on maintaining good oral hygiene. They cover everything from the proper use of dental floss to strategies for reducing dental plaque buildup. What's more, the platform brings attention to the often-overlooked issue of oral cancer, providing information on early signs and preventive measures.

One aspect that stands out is the platform's focus on keeping gums healthy. It taught me the correct ways to clean along the gum line to prevent bleeding gums, a common symptom of gum disease. BetterMouth also provided insights on preserving natural teeth, emphasizing the need for a strong oral hygiene routine.

Daily Texts from Teeth Talk Girl!

The involvement of Whitney DiFoggio BS, RDH, a registered dental hygienist, adds immense value. She shares her expertise in a way that's easy to understand and apply, reinforcing the guidelines set by the American Dental Association. Her tips have been instrumental in helping me practice good oral hygiene.

Final Thought

BetterMouth is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their overall oral health. It educates users on maintaining healthy teeth and gums and offers a comprehensive approach to tackling common issues like tooth decay and gum disease. With its personalized programs and expert guidance, BetterMouth is an invaluable tool for achieving and maintaining good oral hygiene and overall dental wellness.

Review by: Zoey Van Leeuwen RDH

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