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8 Best Dental Website Builders & Design for Dentists (2024)

Zach Westerhoff
Zach Westerhoff
June 21, 2024

Every dental practice needs a high-quality website. The best dental websites serve as your first impression and provide both existing and potential patients with key pieces of information about your dental services. There are many different ways to build a great website for dentists, whether you want to DIY it or seek help from a professional modern website. In this article, we’ll take a look at the eight best platforms for dental website design.

Best Overall


The best website as a service for dental practices. Custom website subscriptions.

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Best Easy Option


Showcase your dental practice with a professional website and best-in-class website templates.

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Best DIY Website


Intuitive drag and drop interface. Manage your dental website exactly the way you want.

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Best Quick & Easy


Zero learning curve. Building a professional, single-page dental website with an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface.

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Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to us at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

Dental Marketing Website Services vs. DIY Dental Website Builders

There are two different approaches you can take while building a website for your dental practice. The top dental websites use marketing or web design firms to construct your site for you. The advantage of doing this is that you get a custom-built site and can stay relatively hands-off during the building process. Working with a team like this also means you can add more complex features to your site. 

The downside of working with a professional web designer is that it can be very expensive. Many small dental businesses just don’t have the budget for a splashy custom website. Additionally, custom dental websites can be time-consuming to maintain. This is where DIY website platforms come into play.

DIY site-building platforms make it easy and affordable to put together your own dental website using templates. Although these websites are simple and don’t have custom features, they look very professional and are easy for your customers to use. DIY website platforms are the way to go for many dental website builders.

The Best Dental Website Options for Dentistry

There are many different companies that you can use to create dental websites. It can be tricky to determine which dental website company is going to be the best for your needs, so we’ve rounded up the seven best website platforms for dentists on the market right now. 

1. MolarSites

Best dental website service for dentist.

screen shot of

If you're a dentist, DSO, or dental startup, MolarSites is for you. They are the first of their kind in the dental world, offering a white-glove dental website service with industry experience and knowledge. For one flat fee every month, they will create a world-class, professional website with SEO optimization and blogging services for less than $1000/month. That is incredible! I have personally paid $2,000/month for blogging services alone, and that didn't include a Webflow website. Webflow websites are the gold standard for the dental industry, featuring SSL and a CDN built-in for lightning-fast page speeds.

MolarSites offers custom dental websites with features like payment processing and appointment scheduling for new patients, which are highly beneficial for dentists.

Key Features

  • 100% Custom Website: You won't find a custom website on this list for less than $30,000, and MolarSites combines that with SEO analysis and content writing. It's truly a steal!
  • Unlimited Updates and Design Requests: Need to add a new team member to the site? No problem. Need a new logo? You'll get it in 48 hours. They offer unlimited design and website updates. No one else does that—it's amazing!
  • Mobile-Friendly: MolarSites look fantastic on mobile devices. If your website isn't mobile-friendly by now, you have some serious problems.
  • Integrate Online HIPAA-Compliant Forms: This is where their industry knowledge pays off. MolarSites knows that our forms need to be HIPAA compliant, and that's included with MolarSites.
  • Online Booking & Integrations: Integrate any of your software with MolarSites! They offer HIPAA-compliant booking in their premium plan with endless options for other services.
  • Custom Blog: MolarSites has an SEO expert who optimizes your entire site and blog posts to attract the perfect patients. I've never seen anyone else focus this much on patient acquisition from a fundamental SEO perspective.


  • Trello Boards: It's not that bad, but they use Trello boards to manage all communication for updates and design requests after the website development and onboarding.

Pricing Options

MolarSites has two pricing plans:

  • Standard - $999/month
  • Premium - $1,499/month

MolarSites offers the most straightforward pricing plan that no other dental agency would dare to share publicly. For just $999/month, you get a professional Webflow website with unlimited updates, designs, and SEO posts! They also have a premium plan $1,499/month that includes everything in the standard plan, plus HIPAA-compliant forms, twice the number of design requests, and two extra blog posts per month!

Best Dental Website Agency.

MolarSites is not just another web design agency. They are a partner dedicated to helping your dental practice thrive online. With their transparent pricing, unmatched value, custom designs, unlimited updates, and SEO expertise, MolarSites is truly the best choice for any dental professional looking to elevate their online presence. Join the many satisfied clients who have transformed their practices with MolarSites—subscribe today and experience the difference!

2. Squarespace

Best overall dental website builder for dentist.

squarespace website

Squarespace is one of the leading platforms for DIY website design. They are known for their sleek, modern templates and custom design options. Dental practices can easily showcase patient testimonials and dental care information. While Squarespace is geared towards creatives, it is versatile enough for all types of businesses.

Squarespace also offers e-commerce websites, with features like payment processing and appointment scheduling for new patients that can be helpful for dentists. 

Key Features

  • Curated, customizable templates. Squarespace is known for having some of the most stunning templates of any website builder out there. Their website builder is very intuitive and easy to set a color scheme, fonts, and beautiful photography as needed. You can also adjust the layout and add pages with just a few clicks. 
  • Mobile-friendly. All of Squarespace’s templates are optimized for mobile. They also have mobile apps that allow you to edit your site on the go. 
  • Integrate online forms. Squarespace has robust HTML features that you can easily implement code in your site. (when collecting patient information, use HIPAA compliant software.)
  • Online Booking. Squarespace has a scheduling feature that allows patients to book appointments online, which is very helpful for dentists. 
  • Website analytics. All of Squarespace’s websites come with analytics features, which gives you helpful information about who is visiting your site and where they are coming from.  
  • Blog feature. A dental blog is a great way to drive traffic to your site and establish yourself as a dental industry expert. Squarespace makes it easy to add a blog to your site.  


  • Doesn’t autosave. While Squarespace’s website editor is very intuitive, it is missing one key feature - it doesn’t offer autosave. This means you’ll need to manually save your website as you’re working to prevent losses. 
  • Limited support options. Squarespace’s support team is only available via email or live chat- there’s no phone support option. They also only offer support in English. 

What I like about Squarespace

squarespace blog editor screen shot

Fun fact!'s original website was built on Sqaurespace and hit well over 3 million visitors before bugging out. I personally spent countless hours in this editor and think it is the simplest and easiest to use on this this list. You are limited on what you can do compared to Wix but simplicity is worth the limitations.

Pricing Options

squarespace princing

Squarespace has 4 pricing plans.

  • Personal - $14/month
  • Business - $23/month
  • Commerce(basic) - $27/month
  • Commerce (advanced) - $49/month

Squarespace pricing starts at $14 per month for a personal site. A business plan starts at $23 per month, a basic commerce plan starts at $27 per month, and the advanced commerce plan starts at $49 per month. The business plan is the most popular option, but you may need a more advanced plan if you want to use Squarespace’s e-commerce options. 

Best Dental Websites For DIY/Budget Dentists

If you are on a budget and want to build a dental website yourself without sacrificing professionalism, Squarespace is a great place to start. The platform is very reasonably priced, and the templates are so visually stunning that no one will know you built the site yourself. Extra features and add-ons make it relatively simple to customize your site to fit your needs. Squarespace is a popular option for dental websites.

3. Wix

Best DIY website builder for dentist owners.

Wix Website Builder

Wix is a great website platform for those who need a DIY dental website. Wix’s templates and basic web features are free, so you can get started without spending any money at all. Wix also has a very intuitive layout website builder with a drag-and-drop mechanism that allows you to put together a dental website without knowing any code. Wix is #1 on this list for the best dental websites for a reason! Here's is why Wix is a favorite among dentists.

Key Features

  • 800+ templates with an intuitive layout editor. Wix’s drag-and-drop editor allows you to fully customize your site without having to code. If you do know how to code, you can further customize your site with Velo, a full-stack platform that allows you to develop web apps. 
  • Wix ADI and Marketplace. If you don’t want to build your site yourself, Wix can do it for you. Their Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) feature generates a site for you based on your unique needs. Their Marketplace feature connects you with a professional Wix partner who can help you build a more custom size. 
  • Marketing features. In addition to their website builder, Wix offers a variety of marketing features to help you find new dental patients. This includes Facebook ads and other social media posts as well as email marketing templates. 
  • E-commerce features. Wix allows you to add e-commerce features to your site. This allows patients to view your services and book appointments online. They also offer online payment processing features. 
  • Analytics. All Wix sites come with an analytics dashboard that provides detailed insights about your web traffic. They also have advanced SEO tools to help you hone your web traffic even further. 
  • Logo maker. If your dental office doesn’t already have a logo, Wix has a tool that you can use to create one. 


  • Non-interchangeable templates. Once you’ve picked a Wix template, you’ll need to stick with it or rebuild your site from scratch. There’s no way to test your content out on multiple templates before making a commitment. 
  • Free version is very limited. The free version of Wix doesn’t offer analytics, e-commerce features, or other advanced features. Free sites also have Wix branding on them. 

What I like about Wix

wix editor screen shot

Dentist will find the drag and drop editor intuitive to work with. You can also make complex features like sign up and sign in pages with in minutes. Create a fast, functional, and professional dental website that will take a weekend to stand up.

Pricing Options

Wix Website builder pricing

Wix has 5 main plans.

  • Basic - Free
  • Combo - $16/ month
  • Unlimited - $22/month
  • Pro - $27/month
  • VIP - $45/month

Basic Wix plans are free, but they also offer a variety of premium plans for a monthly fee. General premium plans range from $16 to $45 per month and are great for those who need a clean, professional website with analytics and other advanced features. If you need e-commerce features, their business plans range from $27 to $59 per month. They also offer enterprise plans for large companies that start at $500 per month. 

Best Dental Websites For DIY/Budget/Custom Dentists 

This is another amazing option for dentists who are on a budget and want to build their dental practice's website themselves. Wix can create great dental websites but may not have as many aesthetically pleasing templates as Squarespace. Wix does have an amazing website builder that allows you to create a modern design that fits any need for your dental office.

4. Designmodo

Best single page website builder for dentists.

Designmodo website

Designmodo is a great option to consider if you’re looking to build a simple, clean website for your dental practice. Designmodo has three different products - Postcards, Slides, and Startup. Slides allows you to create static websites for dentists using a library of templates, while Startup offers a drag-and-drop website builder for more complex sites. Postcards allows you to create email marketing campaigns for your dental practice. 

Key Features

  • Beautiful templates and design. Slides offers hundreds of page templates to choose from, all of which have a professional feel. They work seamlessly together to create a single-page website that’s easy to upload. 
  • Customizable sites. If you want to fully customize your site, the Startup Bootstrap editor has a drag-and-drop interface with hundreds of features to choose from. You can also use HTML to further customize your site if you need to. 
  • Mobile friendly. All Startup sites are mobile-ready, which is a must in today’s environment. 
  • Free hosting. If you need a host for your site, Designmodo works with to offer free hosting. 


  • Integrations are limited. Some of the other options on this provide more robust features. Designmodo still provides everything for a dental office to get new patients in through the door.
  • No e-commerce features. Designmodo’s Slide platform is limited when it comes to advanced features - there’s no appointment scheduling or payment processing. You can add these features with Startup, but you’ll need to have some coding knowledge to do so. 

Pricing Options

designmodo slides pricing page

Designmodo offer 3 simple plans.

  • Free - $0
  • Business - $50/quarter
  • Agency - $62/quarter

Designmodo has basic free versions of all of their products. Advanced plans for Postcard range from $17 to $29 per month. Advanced plans for Slide and Startup range from $50 to $62 per quarter. All of the advanced plans allow users to work on an unlimited amount of projects and access advanced features. 

Best For Single-Page Dental Websites

As a dentist, you may not need a complex multi-page website for your business. Designmodo is a great option for anyone who wants a clean, simple website that is easy to maintain. Designmodo also has free versions available for all of their products, which makes it a great option for anyone on a budget. 

5. Wonderist Agency

Best website design agency for dentist with extra dental marketing perks.

Wonderist is a digital marketing agency that specializes in dental clients. Their team builds dental websites, and they also offer a variety of other marketing services. This agency goes beyond just dental website design; they can help with so many different aspects of your marketing strategy. 

Key Features

  • Fully custom dental websites. Wonderist creates modern, professional dental websites that are completely custom. They also have more affordable semi-custom options. All websites are optimized for mobile and designed with SEO in mind. You can also opt to add copywriting services, ongoing SEO strategy, and branding services. 
  • Dental Marketing services. Wonderist can help you build an impactful brand that goes beyond just building a dental website. They offer Google PPC, social media, direct mail, and local marketing services to help you reach new dental patients. 


  • Custom services can be pricey. If you’re on a tight budget, this likely isn’t going to be the best option for you. Creating beautiful custom dental websites takes a lot of time, effort, and knowledge, and that’s going to be reflected in the pricing. 


Wonderist Agency doesn’t have a set pricing structure listed online. You will need to contact them directly to get an estimate for their dental website services. 

Best Dental Websites For Custom Web Design and Dental SEO

For many dentists, a website template just isn’t going to cut it. Wonderist Agency is a great option if you need something custom. They also offer SEO services to help drive traffic to your dental practice. Because they focus specifically on dentists, they know how to address the unique needs of your dental office. 

6. GrowthPlug

Best dental focus website builder with automation for large practices.

GrowthPlug is a software program designed specifically for dental offices. This program is has everything you need to manage your dental practice online, with features that are created with dentists in mind. Not only do they have a website builder, but they also have a wide variety of other features that you can use to grow your practice's brand and create a modern dental website.

Key Features

  • Website builder. GrowthPlug’s platform creates websites for dentists that are fast, appealing, and fully optimized for SEO. They even have an AI-generated content library to help you attract more web traffic to your dental website. 
  • Front desk automation. GrowthPlug has a variety of features that are designed to help your front desk team get more done. Patients can schedule appointments and fill out forms online, and your team gets access to web analytics to make patient communication easier. 
  • Online booking. Dental patients no longer have to call to make an appointment - they can do it in just a few clicks through your dental website. 
  • Reputation management. GrowthPlug makes it easy to collect feedback from dental patients and encourages them to post online dental reviews. 
  • Business listings. GrowthPlug helps you post listings to major directories across the web to get more patients.  


  • Custom=Pricey. The biggest downside of GrowthPlug is that it can be very expensive and may not be the best option for dental practices on a budget. GrowthPlug has a lot of unique features that you won’t see with other web builders, and they can command a high price for a new website. 


GrowthPlug does not have pricing information listed online. You will need to contact them directly to get a quote. However, they do offer free demos of their software, so you can try it out before making a final commitment. 

Best For All-In-One Online Presence

If you want an all-in-one online platform that’s designed specifically for dentists, GrowthPlug is hard to beat. This platform has unique features that you won’t find with other dental website builders and can help you manage all of your scheduling online. They also have built-in SEO services to continually drive traffic to your website. 

7. Webflow

Best custom dental website builder.

webflow website

Webflow is a custom website builder that requires no coding knowledge to use. Webflow stands out because of its in-depth customization features. While there is a bit of a learning curve to this platform, it has hundreds of unique features that you can use to make your modern dental website stand out. Webflow is the perfect example if site design is a must for your dental practice. (you are reading this on a Webflow website!)

Key Features

  • Fully customizable design. You can customize every inch of your website with hundreds of pre-built page elements. 
  • Built-in CMS. You can manage all of your dental blog content directly in Webflow for a streamlined experience. 
  • Interactive features. You can add animations and other immersive features to your site to create a more impressive web experience. 
  • SEO editing. Webflow has all the dental SEO features you need to optimize your content for Google. 
  • AWS hosting. While you can export your design if you need to, you can also use Webflow’s own hosting service, which is powered by AWS. 
  • Option to hire professional support. If you don’t want to build a website yourself, you can hire a Webflow-endorsed professional to do it for you. 


  • Very complex. Webflow’s customization options are endless, but that also means that their platform has a sharp learning curve. If you’ve never designed a website before, this platform can take a while to feel comfortable with. 
  • Minimal support. While Webflow does offer customer service via email, they don’t have any live chat or phone support. 

What I like about Webflow

webflow CMS blog editor screenshot

Fun fact! This website is built with Webflow. I love the customization and database CMS collection feature. This is advanced for the average dentist but webflow gives you full creative control. If your a dentist looking for a fun project, Webflow has a huge user community where you can nerd out and build the coolest dental website on the web!


webflow pricing

Webflow offers 4 main plans.

  • Starter - Free
  • Basic - $12/month
  • CMS - $16/month
  • Business - $36/month

Webflow offers a free version with a domain name and a small amount of bandwidth. Their website plans range from $12 to $36 per month, depending on the features you need. If you need to hire an expert, you will need to get a quote directly from your chosen professional, but you can expect to pay much more for your site. 

Best For Web-Savvy Dentists/Custom Builds

If you’re or your dental team are tech-savvy and know exactly what you want out of a dental website, Webflow has all of the tools you need to build it. You can really make the site your own with so many custom features. Their professional designers are also very reliable and can help you bring your vision to life. 

8. Weebly

Best free dental website builder.

weebly website

Weebly is a free website builder that is very simple and easy to use. They have a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to customize your site with fonts, images, video, and more. Weebly guides you through the entire site-building process. It’s a great option if you want a site with minimal maintenance that you can launch quickly for your dental studio.

Key Features

  • Pre-built themes. Weebly has a good selection of pre-built themes to choose from - all you need to do is plug in your copy and images and you’re ready to go. 
  • Online stores. Weebly has e-commerce features available that are powered by Square. These include SEO tools and analytics as well as email marketing.
  • Custom coding is available. If you need to customize your website further, you can code with HTML/CSS and Javascript. 


  • Restrictive editor. Weebly’s editor doesn’t have as many customization options as other web builders. There aren’t as many editing options with Weebly as there are with other design platforms. 
  • Not fully mobile-friendly. While Weebly does offer some mobile optimization, their sites don’t always look as great on mobile as they do on a desktop. 


weebly website pricing

Weebly offers 4 plans.

  • Free - $0
  • Personal - $6/month
  • Professional - $12/month
  • Performance - $26/month

Most of Weebly’s features are free to use. There are also advanced plans that range from $6 to $26 per month. These allow you to use custom domain names as well as other advanced features. 

Best Dental Website For DIY/Free Websites

If you’re a dentist on a tight budget and want to build a website for free, Weebly is likely going to be your best bet. While they don’t offer many customization options like online booking, their platform is easy to use and you can get a dental website with clean lines set up very quickly. 

Dental Website Designers For Your Practice

When selecting a website designer or platform for your dental website, one of the first things to consider is how your site reflects your dental practice's look and feel.

Take a look at their templates or design portfolio to see if you like the dental designs they have created in the past to get an idea of what to expect. 

Time and money are also important considerations when building your dental website. When looking at dental website providers, you’ll need to look for providers that can match your budget.

You’ll also need to consider how much time the website will take to build and maintain. Some design concepts don’t require any changes once they are built, while others require ongoing maintenance. 

Zach Westerhoff

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