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7 Best Dental Marketing Companies For Dental Practice Growth

Zach Westerhoff
Zach Westerhoff
October 19, 2022

If you’re looking to grow your dental practice, you’ll need a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach new patients. While you can put together a marketing strategy on your own, it helps to work with an expert who understands exactly what today’s patients are looking for. In this article, we’ll share seven dental marketing agencies that cater specifically to dentists, as well as how a dental marketing company can help your business. 

Best Overall

teethtalk ads
teethtalk ads

A full funnel dental advertising platform made for dentist.

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Best for Large Practices


The all-in-one healthcare marketing and dental practice management solution.

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Best SEO & Design Services

Wonderist Agency
Wonderist Agency

Professional web design and dental marketing agency.

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Best Low Budget Option


Hire contractors with confidence with out the full-hire price tag.

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Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links, which can provide compensation to us at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. This site is not intended to provide financial advice and is for entertainment only. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.

How to choose a dental marketing company

It’s very important to choose a dental marketing company that you trust because you will be working so closely with them. When selecting an agency, it’s important to have a consultation with them to get an idea of what their customer service is like and how they work. Your dental marketing agency should be very transparent and offer prompt and responsive communication. 

Your marketing agency should have experience with campaigns that are similar to yours. When looking at dental marketing companies, don’t hesitate to ask for portfolios to assess. On top of that, your dental marketing company should offer fair pricing that works for your budget. Ideally these dental marketing services should provide a sizeable return on investment, even if you need to invest a significant amount of money up front. 

What does a dental marketing agencies do? 

Dental marketing companies help dental practices with all aspects of their marketing strategy. This can include a variety of different things, depending on the type of marketing and outreach your company wants to do. Your dental marketing agency might help with website design and SEO, social media, PPC campaigns, email outreach, written and video content, and much more. 

The best dental marketing agency will be one that works with you and frees up your time. Wheater is a dental SEO company or digital marketing agency, hiring dental marketing experts should free up your time and increase your bottom line.

Who are the best dental marketing companies? 

There are plenty of excellent dental marketing companies to choose from. Ultimately, the right option for you will depend on the specific services you need. Here are seven of the best dental marketing companies to consider for your practice. 

1. teethtalk ads

Best for All-In-One Full Marketing Funnel Solution

teethtalk ads home page

Teethtalk ads makes it easy to launch a cohesive advertising campaign across multiple social media networks with minimal effort. (okay i'm a little bias, but hear me out!) Since many patients today use the internet to find new dental care providers, these online ads can help you reach your target audience faster. The process is simple - the practice uploads existing branding information and answers questions about their advertising goals and preferences. Then, we creates your ads for you and publishes them on dental-specific content and social media channels. Think of teethtalk ads like a digital "direct mail marketing", but those that see the ad are highly interested in getting dental help and there's a book an appointment button attached to them.

Teethtalk ads puts your practice in front of the ideal target audience to gain more patients.

Key Features

  • Advertise on teethtalkgirl: Teethtalkgirl is a leading dental YouTube channel and blog that many patients use to find new providers. Teethtalk ads allows you to advertise directly on the site, plus you’ll show up on the interactive “Find A Dentist” map. This is particularly effective because you’ll be advertising directly to consumers that are already looking for a dentists. 
  • "Done-for-you" Service: Teethtalk ads is NOT like most dental marketing agencies, we make it easy as possible for dentists to get a perfectly optimized dental marketing funnel and lead generation within minutes.
  • Multiple ad types across social media platforms: Teethtalk ads also uses social media retargeting to reach consumers who have already expressed interest in finding a dentist online. You can choose from static, dynamic, or video ads and share these ads across a variety of popular social media platforms. Dynamic ads send the viewer directly to your booking page with just a click to close the sales funnel. 
  • Location-specific targeting: Teethtalk ads uses highly accurate geographic targeting to ensure that you only advertise to consumers in your area. 
  • Advanced retargeting: Once a user sees your ad, they will continue to see the ad around the web. retargeting ads increase the chance of a booking by 70%, and they are standard with teethtalk ads.


  • No SEO or Website services: Teethtalk ads doesn’t currently offer any SEO or website services. With teethtalk ads, you rent their content to instantly gain traffic to your website.

Final Thoughts

Teethtalk ads makes it easy to advertise across many different platforms without any extra effort, so you can reach potential patients at various points of the sales funnel. Their highly targeted ads are designed specifically to reach patients in your area. We also design the ads for you, although you’ll have the final say when it comes to what the ads look like. 

2. PatientPop

Best For DSOs or Large Marketing Budgets

patient pop website home page

PatientPop is a medical marketing agency that offers many different types of campaigns. In addition to marketing, they also offer helpful scheduling and intake features. They offer solutions for many different types of dentists and medical care providers. PatientPop is a platform you can use across your practice to handle client acquisition and management. They even have a mobile app that you can use to manage your marketing on the go. 

Key Features

  • Website builder: You can use PatientPop to create a sleek, modern website for your practice. Their websites are highly optimized for SEO and come with helpful features like online scheduling tools. 
  • Comprehensive marketing campaigns: PatientPop allows you to generate an email marketing campaign directly from their app. The platform also helps you create social media ads, blog content, and paid search ads. 
  • Reputation management: Online reviews are key for dentists. PatientPop’s reputation management feature allows you to manage all of your online reviews directly from their platform. 
  • Digital scheduling, intake, and payment: With PatientPop, new patients can schedule an appointment directly from your website and fill out intake forms online. PatientPop also gives you the option to send reminders via text message and reduce no-shows. After the appointment, patients can use PatientPop to pay their bills online. 


  • Customer service is hit-or-miss: Customer service is key for complex marketing portals like PatientPop. Unfortunately, online reviews indicate that PatientPop’s customer service can be slow. 
  • Lack of control over your site: When you create a website with PatientPop, they handle most aspects of the site. While this is convenient for those who want a hands-off approach, it can be frustrating for those who want to make changes to their sites. 

Final Thoughts

PatientPop’s wealth of features makes it a good option for large practices with multiple locations or dental service organizations. Their features help with many different aspects of the customer acquisition journey, from your initial marketing strategy to scheduling all the way to payment and retargeting. 

3. Wonderist Agency

Best for Full-Service Dental Marketing and Web Design Services

wonderist website

Wonderist Agency is a full-service marketing agency for dentists based in San Diego. They are smaller than some of the other companies on this list and provide plenty of personal attention for their clients. Wonderist offers a variety of design and branding services in addition to multi-channel digital marketing campaigns. 

Key Features

  • SEO and PPC campaigns: Wonderist's dental SEO experts offer customized search engine optimization strategies to help your site rank on Google. They can also help you launch a PPC Google Ads campaign for even better search engine traffic. 
  • Social media management: This agency offers marketing campaigns across a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition to creating and managing ads on these platforms, they can also help you create posts and manage your profile. 
  • Design and branding: Wonderist offers a variety of design services to give your practice an appealing and cohesive look. This includes logo design, website design, print marketing design, and more. 
  • Direct mail: Although many brands are focusing entirely on digital marketing these days, direct mail can still be very effective. Wonderist can help you design and send a local direct mail campaign. 
  • Copy and content writing: Wonderist can help you write blogs and other web content to improve your SEO, establish your practice as an industry leader, and connect with local patients. 


  • Lack of pricing information: Wonderist doesn’t provide pricing information on their website - you’ll need to contact them directly for a quote. This can be frustrating for busy dental professionals looking to do fast price comparisons between different agencies. 

Final Thoughts

Wonderist Agency is a great option for dental offices who are looking for a marketing company with strong design skills. Wonderist’s branding and design services make them stand out, but they can also help you develop a comprehensive marketing campaign to build on that branding. 

4. GrowTal

Best For Hiring Dental Marketing Freelancers

growtal webstite

If you don't have the budget for a top dental marketing agency then consider hiring a dental marketing expert. Many marketing professionals work on a freelance basis rather than working full-time at one organization. Working with a dental freelancers is a cost-effective way to get marketing help, but it can be difficult to find the right freelancer for your needs. GrowTal is a network of marketing professionals that you can use to find a contractor. 

GrowTal attracts many different types of marketing professionals, ranging from SEO services to copywriters to brand designers and much more. To work with GrowTal’s experts, you’ll need to fill out a form to specify your marketing needs and goals. From there, you’ll be matched with an expert on a trial basis to make sure they’re the right fit. 

Key Features

  • Pre-vetted freelancers: Each expert has been fully vetted by GrowTal, so you can feel comfortable knowing they are true marketing experts. After your initial inquiry, you’ll be able to choose from two to four experts that meet your needs, so you’ll still have the final say in who you work with. 
  • Wide range of services: GrowTal works with marketers of many different specialties. They can help you with your entire marketing strategy or just one aspect of it. This flexibility is helpful for small practices. 
  • Custom teams: If you need more than one marketing professional, GrowTal gives you the option to assemble your own team based on the specific services you need. 
  • Simplified payment: GrowTal streamlines the payment process between freelancer and client. There are no upfront fees - you’ll only be charged after you’ve selected a freelancer to work with. You can also cancel at any time. 


  • Build your own team: If you need multiple marketing services, you’ll be working with different professionals from all over the US, rather than one team that works together consistently. This could potentially result in communication issues if you’re juggling multiple marketing projects at once. 
  • Variable rates: Freelancers with GrowTal can set their own rates. This means that the cost of services will vary depending on which freelancer you decide to work with. However, freelancers are often more affordable than hiring a full marketing agency. 
  • Not dentist-specific: GrowTal works with many different types of businesses, not just dentists. This means that not all of their marketing experts will have experience working with dental clients. 

Final Thought

Working with freelancers is a cost-effective way to improve your marketing strategy. GrowTal is a good option for practices that want to hire a freelancer, but aren’t sure how to find one. The platform handles the hiring process for you to make things more efficient. 

5. Delmain

delmain dental marketing website

Delmain is a sleek dental marketing company that offers digital ad strategy, web design, branding, and more. Their marketing team is HIPAA-certified and creates ADA-compliant websites. They also create comprehensive digital marketing campaigns to generate new leads for clients. 

Key Features

  • Branding: Delmain’s own branding is very bold and appealing, and they help clients generate branding materials that are just as memorable. The agency can create a full package of marketing assets, including a logo and a complete brand guide with assets. 
  • Website creation: Delmain offers complete web design services. They build sites directly on Wordpress that are ADA-compliant and designed to integrate with software your practice is already using. Sites are also SEO-optimized for better Google rankings. The agency focuses specifically on local SEO to attract patients in your area. 
  • Software integrations: If you want to set up online booking or another type of specialized software for your site, Delmain can help you do so. 
  • Google and social media ads: Delmain offers Google PPC ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads to help you reach more customers. They handle all of the ad strategy, from creating copy to optimizing your ad spend to A/B testing. 
  • Dedicated account manager: Each of Delmain’s clients gets a dedicated account manager that you can call if you have questions to need marketing guidance. 


  • Limited social ads available: While Delmain has plenty of experience with Facebook and Instagram, they don’t currently offer social media marketing on other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, or TikTok to reach a more niche market. 

Best For Branding and Growth

Delmain’s excellent branding translates into the work they do for their clients. This digital marketing agency is a great option for practices who are looking to improve their branding and develop a new business identity. Additionally, Delmain’s focused SEO and PPC marketing strategies can help you consistently acquire new patients and grow at a faster rate. 

6. Prosites

prosites home page

Prosites is a digital marketing and web design firm that focuses specifically on the dental industry. They can help you completely overhaul your website and add digital tools like online scheduling and payment to streamline the client experience. Additionally, they offer a wide range of online marketing services, including search engine optimization, google ads, social media, and even video marketing. 

Key Features

  • Web design: Prosites builds custom websites for dental practices, and they also have a selection of pre-built and semi-custom sites available for purchase. This way, you can choose a website that best suits your unique marketing needs. All of their websites are optimized for mobile devices. 
  • SEO, link-building, and PPC: Prosites uses a multi-pronged strategy to help their clients rank higher on Google. There are five different SEO packages to choose from to suit a variety of budgets and marketing needs. Additionally, Prosite offers backlinking services to further improve your SEO strategy. To further increase your presence on Google, Prosites also offers PPC ad campaign management. 
  • Social media management: Prosites can help you manage your social media presence across several different platforms, and they also offer Facebook ad campaigns. They also offer YouTube video marketing
  • Reputation management: Prosites’ reputation management services can help you stay on top of your online reviews and share positive ones on your website. 
  • Patient presentations: Prosites offers a patient presentation tool called ShowCase. ShowCase allows you to create an interactive slideshow for the treatments you offer with photos, videos, and pricing information. 
  • Site integrations: Prosites can help you set up online intake forms, payment plans, virtual consultations, and automatic patient recall. This creates a seamless online experience for your patients. 


  • Hit-or-miss customer service: Some customer reviews note that they’ve had trouble canceling Prosites’ services, even with advance notice. Others note that they are slow to respond to routine messages. 

Best For A Dental Marketing Overhaul

Prosites’ wide range of marketing services makes them a great option for clients that need a complete overhaul of their business. This agency can help you upgrade your website with a variety of integrations in addition to managing a variety of digital marketing campaigns. 

7. Kickstart Dental Marketing

kickstart dental marketing

Kickstart Dental is a marketing agency that specializes in dentists and orthodontists. They have a fun, lively approach to marketing and understand the ins and outs of the dental industry. They focus on HIPAA compliance, and they only work with one practice in each geographical market to avoid conflicts of interest. 

Key Features

  • Lead management: Kickstart Dental uses a platform called Dentalflow to help you find new leads, manage existing ones, and predict your revenue. 
  • Organic SEO growth: This dental marketing agency uses a unique SEO strategy to help you increase your online presence and improve your Google rankings organically. In addition to standard SEO strategies, they also create press releases and conduct outreach with local organizations to increase your visibility. 
  • PPC advertising: Kickstart Dental runs traditional Google PPC campaigns as well as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube ads. They can also create landing pages to help convert your web traffic into sales. 
  • Web design: Kickstart Dental offers comprehensive web design services as part of every marketing plan. Clients own their websites throughout the entire creation process. 
  • Retargeting: This agency offers campaigns focusing specifically on targeting former patients and getting them back into the office. 
  • Staff sales training: Kickstart Dental can train your front desk staff to help them close the sale with potential patients. 


  • Doesn’t focus on branding: Kickstart Dental focuses more on building on your existing brand, rather than creating a new brand identity. This can be difficult if you’re starting completely from scratch. 

Final Thoughts

For dentists, the thought of managing your own marketing can feel overwhelming. A trusted dental marketing agency will help you with online outreach and advertising to improve your overall brand image and draw in new patients. 

Zach Westerhoff

Zach Westerhoff

Co-founder & Head of Product

Zach Westerhoff is a dental marketing expert. Join Zach and over 5,000 dentists to learn how to scale your dental business like a tech startup. Zach managed digital marketing teams & campaigns for large SaaS companies and retail giants. As co-founder of teethtalk ads, his goal is to help dentists advertise their practice to patients looking for treatment.

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