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8 Best Dental Phone Systems & Dental VoIP Providers (Ranked)

Zach Westerhoff
Zach Westerhoff
January 4, 2024

As a dental provider, having a reliable phone system or VoIP is essential. Many patients reach out to their dental office via phone to schedule appointments, manage prescriptions, or ask health questions. Here are 8 of the best dental phone systems and VoIP providers on the market right now. 

Best Overall


Feature rich phone system & designed specifically for dental offices.

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Best for Small Practices


Seamlessly adds a business line and virtual phone system to your personal phone.

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Best for VoIP + Telehealth

GoTo Connect
GoTo Connect

Feature-rich VoIP system with HIPAA compliant dental telehealth.

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Best for Quick & Simple


Best in class VoIP phone system. Talk, message, & meet in one easy-to-use app.

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What Is A Dental Office Phone System

A dental office phone system is a system designed to manage both incoming and outgoing calls as well as voicemails. VOIP phone systems make phone calls over the internet rather than traditional phone lines. For many dental offices, a VoIP phone system is a more effective and efficient solution than a traditional landline. 

How To Choose A Dental Phone System For Your Practice 

When selecting a dental phone system for your office, you will want to look for helpful features that will make it easier to stay on top of your phone calls. These include automatic call answering and re-routing features, as well as features that integrate with your CRM, fax system, and other systems throughout your office. 

These advanced features can help your team manage a high volume of calls with ease. In addition to helpful call management features, a good phone system for dental offices should be very easy to use. Since your entire dental team will be using the system, you’ll want a system that everyone can learn quickly and that is intuitive. Ideally, your phone and VoIP system will also have excellent customer service that you can call if any problems arise. 

The Best Dental Office Phone Systems

There are plenty of excellent dental VoIP phone systems on the market. In this article, we are going to take a look at 8 of the best providers available today. These providers offer features that are particularly helpful for dentists and orthodontists. They also are very reliable and offer great customer service. 

1. RevenueWell

Best all-in-one dental phone system.

revenuewell dental phone system

Revenuewell is a comprehensive communication and marketing platform that is specifically designed for dentists. They offer dental phone systems as well as electronic patient communication, telehealth, text messaging, and marketing tools. Revenuewell is designed to streamline the dental experience for both your patients and your employees. It has options for all types of dental practices ranging from small local offices to group dental practices. 

Key Features

  • Cloud-based VoIP system. Revenuewell’s dental phone system connects your practice’s phone number to the cloud for high-quality calling using the internet. You can connect both landline and mobile phone numbers as well as video conferencing, text messaging, fax, and email to manage everything in one place. 
  • Digital integrations. This phone system integrates with your broader patient management system and has a screen pop feature. When existing patients call, your team will be able to see past treatments, upcoming appointments, payment and insurance information, and much more. 
  • Custom scheduling and call trees. These features help you route your calls to the right staff member, regardless of what time of day it is. 
  • Call history and monitoring. Users can see all calls within the system, including important information about missed calls. Call monitoring features enable you to record each conversation for training purposes. 
  • Online voicemail. Dental offices often receive high volumes of voicemails. Revenuewell has auto-attendant features that let you save and send voicemails via email or text message. It also offers transcribed versions of voicemails if you would prefer to read. 


  • Outages are difficult to manage. Revenuewell has experienced outages in the past, although they are consistently working to correct these issues. However, an outage can make it very difficult to manage your practice, as the platform is so comprehensive. 
  • Text message features do not support photos. This can be limiting for some practices, as photos can expedite communication in some cases. 

Pricing Options

Revenuewell does not have pricing details for their dental phone systems available online. You can schedule a demo with Revenuewell, at which point their team can provide a quote that is reflective of the services you need. Your pricing will ultimately depend on which features you need for your practice specifically. 

revenuewell book demo

Best For All-In-One + Bonus Dental Features

Revenuewell is a dental VoIP provider that can do it all. If you’re looking for a provider with plenty of advanced dental software features that works on a variety of different devices, Revenuewell is a great option. Unlike many other phone and VoIP systems, Revenuewell is designed specifically for dental practices. It has a variety of other helpful features, including dental marketing tools, electronic forms, and more. 

2. Weave

Best phone system for larger dental practices.

weave communications dental phone system

Weave is a phone system and business management solution designed for healthcare practices and small businesses. While it isn’t designed specifically for dental practices, it works very well for dentists. Their sophisticated dental office phone systems make it easy to keep track of all your dental customer communication in one place. By combining a phone system with a patient management platform, Weave phones streamline the process of managing and communicating with your dental patients. 

Key Features

  • Patient info displays with each call. When an existing patient calls in, you’ll be able to see their past and upcoming appointments, as well as any balances due and other key pieces of information. 
  • Customizable messages. Weave phones customize your voicemail message, add hold music, and create a phone tree to ensure that each call gets directed to the right person. You can also add two-way texting, which you can automate to respond to missed calls and send payment reminders. 
  • Receive Emergency Calls via Email or Text. Send emergency calls to a designated office line, and then the voicemail audio file will be emailed or texted to your cell phone or email.
  • Auto-attendant. Set up automatic custom text replies in case you miss a call.
  • Call analytics. Weave’s call analytics give you a broader look at who’s calling you and how many calls are answered. These analytics provide insights that you can use to improve your service. 
  • Multiple dental offices in one system. If your practice has multiple locations, you can route call flows all in the same place with Weave. 


  • Requires very strong internet. In order to use Weave to its fullest potential, you’ll need a very powerful internet connection. This can take time to set up, and it can also be expensive to maintain. 
  • Minimal support. Weave is a growing company, which means they don’t have a huge support team on hand to solve problems. According to Weave dental phone system reviews, it can take time for the Weave team to provide support when necessary. 

Pricing Options

book demo with weave communications

Weave does not have pricing information readily available on their website. You must contact Weave directly for a quote and to arrange a demo. Your pricing will vary depending on the specific features your practice needs. 

Best For Patient Management Integrations

Because Weave is also a patient management platform, you can handle many different aspects of your business at the same time. When a patient calls, you’ll be able to handle scheduling, payment, and patient forms directly through the app. Additionally, Weave offers email marketing and chatbots to help you enhance your customer communications even further. Weave’s robust practice management software is particularly helpful for dental practices with multiple locations. 

3. GoTo Connect

The best phone systems with dental telehealth capabilities.

GoTo Connect dental voip screen shot

GoTo Connect is great for HIPAA compliant VoIP system that is designed for healthcare. GoTo Connect has several features that make patient communication simple and can offer dental telehealth services. You can meet with dental patients on any device and schedule appointments, or urgent visits. GoTo Connect also offers several integrations that directly connects to your existing tech stack.  

Key Features

  • HIPAA Compliant. Keep your patient's information safe and secure.
  • Any Device. Stay in touch with your dental patients on any device. You can text message and call directly from your desktop computer.  
  • Easy Setup. Quickly get your dental practice phone system up with an easy-to-use visual call routing editor.  
  • Call analytics. Detailed analytics help your front desk team improve communication, both internal and outbound calls to patients. 
  • Mobile App. Stay connected with GoTo Connect's mobile app to manage your dental practice on the go.
  • Custom Patient Engagement. Create custom call routing and drag and drop dial plans.  


  • Designed for healthcare, not dental. GoTo Connect is a powerful dental VoIP phone system but you might need help connecting to your dental software.

Pricing Options

goto connect pricing options

GoTo Connect uses a per-user pricing model. You can save up to 12% by subscribing to an annual plan. Their pricing tiers are up to 20 users for the Basic plan then unlimited with their standard and premium. 

  • Basic $24/month
  • Standard $29/month
  • Premium $39/month

Best For Dental Telehealth Services 

GoTo Connect is a great dental phone system for dental providers looking to offer telehealth services. You can instantly expand your dental practice to visits right over the phone. GoTo Connent is great for a dentist since it offers the flexibility you need as you expand.  With several integrations with other dental industries' tech, it makes for a great and seamless experience. 

4. Talkroute

Best quick & easy VoIP system for dental offices.

talkroute phone system

Talkroute is a flexible VoIP system that works for dental practices of many different sizes. They have desktop and mobile apps that you can use to take business calls from anywhere. In addition to voice calling, they also offer text messaging and voice calling. Talkroute’s dental office phone systems are easy to use, very intuitive, and you can customize your phone structure to suit your company’s unique needs. Simple dental VoIP phone system you can get set up in a day.

Key Features

  • Custom phone numbers. Talkroute offers a wide variety of phone numbers that your practice can choose from. You can port in your existing number, or you can choose from a variety of local numbers, 800 numbers, vanity numbers, and more. 
  • Desktop, mobile, and web apps available. No matter where you are, you can access your practice’s phone system with the Talkroute app. This is very helpful for teams who work remotely, because it ensures you can stay on top of patient communication.
  • Video meetings. Talkroute’s video call feature can help keep your team connected if you can’t schedule an in-person meeting. When implemented in a secure digital environment, video calls could also be used for telehealth services. 
  • Business texting. Many patients prefer to communicate via text message these days, so Talkroute offers SMS and MMS capabilities for your practice. 
  • Call menu. Talkroute has highly customizable call menus, which you can use to ensure each call goes to the right place. You can add automated greetings and easily transfer calls between users as needed. 


  • Doesn’t offer business phones. Talkroute requires you to use your own phone with their services - you can’t purchase new equipment from them. 
  • Doesn’t integrate with patient management software. Because Talkroute isn’t designed specifically for dentists, it doesn’t offer integrations with other software programs you might be using. 

Pricing Options

talkroute phone system pricing
  • Basic: $19 per month
  • Plus: $39 per month
  • Pro: $59 per month
  • Enterprise: Requires quote

Best For Simplistic Dentists

Talkroute is a great option for small dental practices who need simple but complex phone systems. With customizable menus, call stacking, and other automated features, you can make sure that each call gets directed to the right place. The Talkroute apps also make it easy to manage your calls on the go. You will need to have some tech know-how in order to fully customize your Talkroute system, which is why it’s great for dentists that are already web-savvy. 

5. Grasshopper

Best phone system for small dental practices.

grasshopper voip phone system

Grasshopper is a virtual phone solution that is designed for small businesses. If you run a small practice, you might find that you are frequently taking work calls on your personal cell phone. Grasshopper provides you with a virtual business number that you can access on your smartphone and computer. This can help you separate personal and business calls without having to have a separate phone number. 

Key Features

  • WiFi calling. Grasshopper creates a virtual VoIP phone system for your business. This means you can make and receive high-quality calls anywhere you have an internet connection. 
  • Local, toll-free, and vanity numbers available. You can select the type of number that makes the most sense for your business. 
  • Mobile and desktop apps available. You can manage your practice’s calls, voicemails, and text messages from your devices. Grasshopper makes it easy to send business texts for appointment reminders and other important communications. 
  • Automated responses. Grasshopper allows you to create custom automated responses to calls and texts. This includes instant SMS responses or an auto-attendant for calls. You can also hire a live virtual receptionist. 


  • Limited features. While Grasshopper is great for small businesses, they might not have all of the features you need as your practice grows. It doesn’t integrate with patient management systems and other software platforms you might be using for your dental practice. 
  • Inaccurate voicemail transcription. While Grasshopper does offer a voicemail transcription feature, it is often inaccurate. 

Pricing Options

grasshopper pricing plans for voip
  • Solo: Offers 1 phone number and 3 extensions. Starts at $26 per month. 
  • Partner: Offers 3 phone numbers and 6 extensions. Starts at $44 per month. 
  • Small Business: Offers 5 phone numbers and unlimited extensions. Starts at $80 per month. 

Best For A Small Dental Practice

Grasshopper is a great option for small dental practices who need a simple, manageable phone system. The platform is very affordable and works perfectly as a small dental office phone service. Their desktop and mobile apps help you stay on top of patient communication to ensure that you don’t miss important calls or texts. 

6. Mango Voice

Best VoIP phone system for large dental organizations.

Mango is a powerful cloud-based VoIP phone system that is designed for large organizations. While this phone system isn’t designed specifically for dentists or the dental industry, it comes with many features that are helpful for dental offices. Mango offers a wide variety of integrations with popular software programs, including popular patient management programs. The company also has a line of business phones and headsets available for the front desk. 

Key Features

  • PES integrations. Mango integrates with 14 different patient management software programs, so you can link your phones with programs you are already using. 
  • No manual dialing. Mango’s click-to-call feature means you can easily find and select a phone number from your existing customer base when you need to make a call. 
  • Screen pop-up window. When an existing customer makes a call, their appointment history, payment details, and more will pop up window onscreen with your patient management software to save your team time. 
  • Call analytics. Detailed analytics help your team improve communication and phone skills, both internal and outbound calls to patients. 
  • Mobile app. If you have team members working remotely, the Mango mobile app makes it easy for them to answer office calls, review voicemails, and more. 
  • Text and fax. With Mango, you can send and receive texts from your office phone number. You’ll also be able to receive and send faxes securely without a traditional fax machine. 


  • Not all phones supported. Mango integrates with some existing phone brands, but not all. This means that some practices will need to buy their own phones when they switch to Mango Voice. Luckily, Mango does have a line of high-quality business phones available. 
  • Customer service has limited availability. Mango’s customer service isn’t available 24/7. If you submit a ticket, it can take time for Mango to respond to your request.

Pricing Options

Mango uses a per-user pricing model. Monthly prices go down as you add more users to your system. Their pricing tiers are 1-4 users, 5-9 users, 10-30 users, and 30+ users. Practices with over 30 users will need to call Mango directly for a quote. 

Mango has two plans available - Mango Essentials and Mango Plus. You will need the Mango Plus plan for text messaging, access to the desktop app, and other advanced features. Mango Essentials ranges from $19.95 to $32.95 per user, per month. Mango Plus ranges from $24.95 to $37.95 per user, per month. 

Best For Flexible Solutions

Mango Voice is a great phone systems provider for growing dental providers. As your practice grows and expands, your phone needs will change. Because Mango works with both small businesses and enterprise clients, they can offer the flexibility you need as a quickly growing company. They also integrate with many dental industry patient management systems for a seamless experience. 

7. SolutionReach

Best dental patient management system for large practices.

SolutionReach is a comprehensive patient and practice management software designed for the dental environment. In addition to their dental office phone system, they also offer digital intake forms, telehealth services, online scheduling, digital marketing services, and much more for your dental practice. You can use SolutionReach dental services to streamline the customer management process. 

Key Features

  • Screen pops. Screen pop features make it much easier to manage incoming phone calls. When an existing patient calls, you can see their appointments, payment and insurance information, and more. 
  • Cloud-based VoIP. SolutionReach offers a cloud-based system that works with a wide variety of devices. This makes it much easier to manage patient communication remotely if necessary. 
  • Custom phone schedules and routing. You can fully customize the layout of your phone system, adding automated greetings, unlimited extensions, call queues, and more. 
  • Text messaging. SolutionReach’s HIPAA-compliant platform allows you to send both two-way and group text messages for easier communication. 


  • Long setup process. Because SolutionReach offers so many features, it can take time to set up. There are a lot of features to install and customize, so you’ll need to dedicate parts of your schedule to get things set up. 
  • Not always intuitive. Not all of SolutionReach’s features are intuitive, which means it can take longer to train your dental staff and get them set up. 

Pricing Options

SolutionReach does not offer pricing information on their website. You will need to contact them directly and schedule a demo in order to access pricing information. 

Best For Comprehensive Patient Communication

For most dentists, the phone isn’t the only way you communicate with your patients. SolutionReach is great for dentists that need text messaging and email solutions in addition to a traditional phone system. SolutionReach also has helpful dental marketing features and other automated solutions that make it easier to run your practice. 

A reliable dental phone system is a must for any dental practice, whether you’re a small independent dental office or a large dental group. Today’s dental phone systems go beyond just answering calls and include helpful automated features to help you stay on top of all your communication. 

8. Medix Dental IT

Best dental IT support & VoIP solution.

Medix is an IT services provider that specializes in dental practices and dental service providers. One of the services that Medix offers is phone and VoIP phone systems. In addition to dental office phone systems, they also offer IT support and cybersecurity tools specifically for dental practices. Because Medix is an IT provider, their cloud-based dental office phone system is extremely secure. They’re also able to keep the system up and running with minimal outages or technical issues. 

Key Features

  • Web based communication management. This phone system integrates with Medix’s web platform for streamlined and intuitive communication management with your patients. 
  • Works across locations. If your practice has multiple locations, Medix Dental’s phone system works seamlessly across all of them, allowing you to route calls to different dental office locations as needed. 
  • Call recording. Secure call recording features ensure that you always have access to the patient information you need and analyze data as necessary. Additionally, you can attach and send voicemails via email. 
  • Two-way texting. This phone system allows you to communicate with your patients via text to speed up communication. 
  • HIPAA compliance support. Medix goes above and beyond with their HIPAA compliance support by providing compliance documentation as needed. 


  • Doesn’t have marketing, payment, or patient management features. Medix only offers phone systems and IT support. While their services could pair nicely with another patient management program, they don’t have their own patient management features already integrated the way that many other providers do. 
  • Limited geographic scope. Because Medix is a small firm, their services are currently only available in the United States. 

Pricing Options

Medix Dental IT does not currently have any pricing information available on their website. The only way to access pricing information is by scheduling a free consultation. 

Best For Dental IT

If you need IT solutions for your practice in addition to your phone system, Medix Dental is a great option. Medix Dental’s phone system is very secure to protect you from any cybercrime or other digital threats. Because they are a reputable IT firm, you can feel confident knowing that their team will be able to help you should any problems arise. 

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