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5 Best Loans for Dental Practice Owners in 2024

Zach Westerhoff
Zach Westerhoff
January 4, 2024

Opening a new dental practice or buying new dental equipment comes with a wide range of expenses and challenges. Most dentists will need to take out some type of dental practice loan in order to get their business off the ground or that new panoramic x-ray machine. We looked at a number of lenders to help upgrade your dental practice and ranked them based on the most favorable financing options for dentists.

Best Overall SBA Loans


SBA and term loans specifically designed for business owners.

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Best for Quick Loans & Bad Credit

Uplyft Capital
Uplyft Capital

Flexible lending options with quick funding times.

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Best Loan Marketplace


Excellent for quickly comparing multiple loans head to head.

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Best for Merchant Cash Advances


Fast & flexible alternative to a traditional SBA loan.

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How to Choose The Best Loan For Your Dental Practice

There are many different types of loans and dental practice financing that dentists can use during these early stages of operation. There are a wide range of factors to consider when choosing the best dentist loan for your dental practice. These include the types of expenses you have, the amount of money you need, your current credit score, your location, and more. All of these factors will impact the type of loans and financing you have available to you. 

What is a dental practice loan?

A dental practice loan is a small business loan or line of credit that is used to start a dental practice. These loans can also be used to expand a practice or buy into a practice. There are many different types of loans that could be used for this purpose. There are many lenders that offer loans specifically for medical practices, but there are also many general loans that can work as dental practice loans. 

Small Business Loan vs. Line of Credit vs. Bank Term Loan

Three common types of dental practice loans include small business loans, bank term loans, and lines of credit. Small business loans are exactly what they sound like - they are loans intended for small businesses. Many small business loans are guaranteed by the Small Business Administration or local government entities, which means they can offer competitive interest rates and payment terms. However, small business loans can be difficult to get if you don’t already have a good credit score. 

Bank term loans are another great option for dentists. These loans have a set repayment schedule that typically spans several years, as well as a fixed interest rate. These loans are offered by traditional banks like Bank of America and other private lenders. 

Another popular loan option for dentists is taking out a line of credit. This is a good option for dentists whose expenses and income may fluctuate in the early stages of their practice. A line of credit is a set amount of money that the borrower can access and pay back at any time. It works very similarly to a credit card, with minimum monthly payment amounts and a set interest rate.  

5 Best Loans for Dental Practice Owners

Dental practice owners have plenty of options when it comes to taking out a loan. Here are five of the best loans on the market for dental practices. 

1. Smartbiz Loans

Best overall loans for dental practices

smartbiz loans for dentist

Smartbiz Loans offers both SBA and term loans specifically designed for entrepreneurs. They also offer custom financing solutions. They use AI technology to pair applicants with the right loans for their needs. They also partner with a wide variety of small business loan providers, which helps them offer a broader range of loan types and terms. 

Here is an example of a loan that Smartbiz Loans might offer to a dental provider.

  • Loan Type: SBA 7(A) Loan
  • Max Loan Amount: $350,000
  • Minimum Credit Score: 650 FICO
  • Interest Rates: $30k-$49k: Prime Rate plus 3.75%. $50k-$350k: Prime Rate plus 2.75%.
  • Allowed Use of Proceeds: working capital, debt refinancing, new dental equipment
  • Time to Funding: Pre-qualify in 5 minutes, funding as fast as 7 days after application is submitted. Funding times may vary
  • Loan Term: 10-year term, no prepayment penalty


  • Low-cost with competitive rates. Smartbiz Loans offer comparatively low-interest rates and minimal borrowing costs, especially when compared to other online platforms. These low-interest rates can cut your total repayment amount down significantly. 
  • No prepayment penalty. If you want to pay off your loan earlier than expected, Smartbiz Loans won’t charge you extra fees. 
  • Simple and easy application process. The online application process for Smartbiz Loans is very simple, and prequalification can be done in just a few minutes. Smartbiz also offers fast delivery times - some applications receive their funds in just one week. 


  • Strict financial requirements. When compared to some other lenders, Smartbiz Loans has strict application requirements. You’ll need to prove two years of established business and have a relatively good credit score. If you’re starting completely from scratch, you might not qualify. 
  • Strict use requirements. You’ll be somewhat limited when it comes to what you can do with the proceeds of your loan. You should make sure you fully understand the acceptable use cases of the loan before finalizing it. 

Loan Application Requirements

  • Must have at least two years in business and provide personal and business tax information. 
  • Business must be located in the U.S. and meet SBA business type requirements. 
  • Business owner(s) must be U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. 

Best for SBA Loans for Dental Practices

Overall, Smartbiz Loans is a great option for dental practices that need funds to expand or improve their business. Competitive rates and an easy application process set this lender apart. They are a particularly great option for an existing practice that already has a solid financial history. 

2. Uplyft Capital

Excellent for quick loans & bad credit

uplyft capital bad credit for dentist

Uplyft Capital is a digital platform that specializes in flexible business lending programs. Their flagship product is their Merchant Cash Advance (MCA), but they also offer lines of credit and SBA loans. MCAs allow you to borrow against your upcoming earnings, with shorter and more frequent repayment times. However, they are an excellent option for borrowers with poor credit. They also offer fast funding times and flexible use requirements. 

However, Uplyft Capital also offers SBA loans, which tend to come with lower interest rates and more stable repayment plans. They even have a business funding marketplace where borrowers can browse a variety of different lending products from Uplyft’s trusted partners. Here is an example of an SBA loan that Uplyft Capital might offer: 

  • Loan Type: SBA 7(A)
  • Max Loan Amount: $350,000
  • Minimum Credit Score: 650 FICO
  • Interest Rates: Approximately 2.25%-2.75% plus prime, depending on loan terms
  • Allowed Use of Proceeds: working capital, debt refinancing, dental equipment purchases
  • Time to Funding: 2-6 weeks
  • Loan Term: 10-year term, no prepayment penalty

Keep in mind that this is just an example of one product that Uplyft offers. They have a wide range of flexible lending options, including options with lower credit score requirements and more flexible allowed uses. 


  • Variety of lending options available. Between Uplyft’s direct lending options and its marketplace, there are so many different types of loans to choose from. This makes it easier to find a product that fits your needs, even if you have poor credit. 
  • Transparent application process. Uplyft is very direct and transparent throughout the entire application process, so borrowers have a good understanding of the products they are using. 
  • Very fast funding timeline. Uplyft’s application process is very easy and quick to complete. Once you’re approved, you’ll receive your funds very quickly - as fast as 24 hours for some products.


  • MCAs can come with high interest rates and difficult repayment plans. Uplyft specializes in MCAs, although they do offer other products as well. While MCAs can be very effective if you need funding fast, they can also be very expensive, with high interest rates and fees. They also require frequent payments, which can be challenging for growing businesses. 

Loan Application Requirements: 

  • 1+ years in business
  • Business must be located in the U.S.
  • Owner(s) must be U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents
  • Good credit score (for SBA products)

Best for Fast Funding

There are some scenarios where your business will need working capital almost immediately. Uplyft Capital’s business lending products can meet those needs. Some products offer funding within 24 hours. Uplyft is a great option if you are a dental business owner with bad credit. Uplyft has a variety of flexible lending options, so you can search for the products that best meet your unique needs.

3. Nav

Best for comparing dental practice loan options

nav sba loan for dentist

Nav Marketplace is a digital financial services provider that focuses on small businesses. They offer a wide range of small business loans, including SBA loans, lines of credit, MCAs, startup  loans, equipment financing, and more. They also offer business credit cards and checking accounts. 

Nav isn’t a direct lender, but instead will connect you to its broad network of lenders using their marketplace. Borrowers will answer questions about their business, their financial needs, and their goals, and the marketplace matches them with the best lender for their needs. Customers also have access to financial advisors who can provide further assistance as necessary. 

Because Nav Marketplace works with a very wide range of lending partners, there are options for many different types of businesses, whether you’re just starting out or have been in business a long time. Here are some key details about the loans you might find on Nav Marketplace. 

  • Loan Type: Many
  • Max Loan Amount: $5,000,000
  • Minimum Credit Score: 600 FICO
  • Interest Rates: Prime Rate, plus 2.25%-4.75% (depending on loan terms)
  • Use of Proceeds: Varies - options for working capital, debt refinance, equipment financing, invoice financing, and more. 
  • Time to Funding: Varies
  • Loan Term: Varies


  • Wide range of lending partners. Nav Marketplace’s broad network of lenders mean that there are a huge range of products available, including options for borrowers with less-than-perfect credit. 
  • Additional credit resources available. Nav also offers a variety of other financial tools beyond just lending to help your business grow and find financial stability. 


  • Loan terms can vary widely between providers. The loans on Nav Marketplace can have drastically different requirements for revenue and credit, so some candidates will have many more options than others. 
  • Premium features come with extra fees. While Nav Marketplace’s extra features are convenient, they also come with a higher price tag. 

Loan Application Requirements: 

Eligibility requirements for Nav Marketplace will vary depending on the specific product you are applying for. Some loans may have strict credit or revenue requirements for your business. 

Best For Building Business Credit

Nav Marketplace has such a huge range of loans to choose from, and their system is designed to match you with the products that best reflect your unique financial goals. They also have tools designed to help you improve your practice’s credit standing, which can help you financially in the future. 

4. Fintegra

Best merchant cash advances for dentists

fintegra merchant cash advance

Fintegra is an online lender that specializes in Merchant Cash Advances for small businesses. They provide funds as fast as 24 hours after the initial application. Once you’re approved, Fintegra works with you to set up automatic payments. The application process for an MCA is very simple, and you don’t need good credit for approval. Fintegra’s MCAs can also be used for virtually any business expenses. 

Fintegra only offers MCAs - they don’t currently provide SBA loans, term loans, lines of credit, or any other lending products. Here’s an overview of their MCA offerings. 

  • Loan Type: Merchant Cash Advance
  • Max Loan Amount: $250,000
  • Minimum Credit Score: Unclear, but Fintegra appears to have flexible credit requirements.
  • Interest Rate: Instead of a set interest rate, Fintegra takes a percentage of your businesses’ future earnings for a defined term. This percentage can vary depending on your loan amount. 
  • Use of Proceeds: Flexible - can include working capital, equipment purchases, and more. 
  • Time to Funding: Varies - can be as short as 24 hours. 
  • Loan Term: Varies. 


  • Fast funding. While Fintegra’s funding times can vary, they are faster than many other options on the market. Some applications can receive their funds as quickly as 24 hours after approval. 
  • Simple application. Fintegra’s application is entirely online and takes just a few minutes to complete. You won’t be required to provide any collateral. The application does require recent bank statements as well as a soft credit check. You can apply for Fintegra even if your credit is less than perfect. 
  • Flexible loan uses. Fintegra allows you to use the funds from your MCA for many different purposes. 


  • MCAs require frequent repayments. The biggest difference between an MCA and a traditional bank loan is that they require very frequent payments, often weekly or even daily. This means that businesses should have very reliable cash flow before committing to an MCA. 
  • MCAs can come with high interest rates. Most borrowers end up spending more in the long run with an MCA than they would with a traditional loan. 

Loan Application Requirements:

  • 1+ years in business
  • Owner(s) must be U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents
  • Must have a business checking account
  • Must prove average monthly revenue of at least $10k

Best For Flexible Funding

If your dental practice is already bringing in a steady monthly revenue, but you need money for a broad range of expenses or expansions, Fintegra could be a good option. MCAs don’t have strict use requirements like SBA loans do, which means that you will be able to use them for virtually any expense you need to take care of. 

5. Fundera

Fundera is a lending marketplace run by NerdWallet, a popular online finance platform. Fundera isn’t a direct lender. Instead, they partner with a wide variety of lenders throughout the country and match borrowers with the right lender for their needs. They offer a huge range of products, including SBA loans, term loans, lines of credit, MCAs, startup loans, and more. 

This means that Fundera is able to offer solutions for borrowers with low credit and other circumstances that might prevent them from getting approved for a traditional loan. Fundera also offers a variety of educational tools and other financial services for small businesses. Here is an example of an SBA loan that Fundera offers. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Fundera offers a huge range of products to accommodate many different types of borrowers. 

  • Loan Type: SBA 7(A)
  • Max Loan Amount: $5,000,000
  • Minimum Credit Score: 650 FICO
  • Interest Rates: Prime rate, plus 2.75%-4.75%. Exact interest rate depends on loan terms. 
  • Use of Proceeds: Working capital, debt refinance, equipment purchases
  • Time to Funding: Varies by applicant
  • Loan Term: 10-25 years


  • Variety of loan types available. Regardless of what type of loan you need, you’re likely to be able to find it on Fundera’s platform. They are able to accommodate dental practices that are at many different stages of development. 
  • Sophisticated loan matching program. Fundera has an intuitive online application process that matches lenders with the loan options that are best for them. During the initial pre-qualification process, you’ll answer questions about your business and the funds you need. Fundera then presents you with detailed information about the loan products available to you so you can compare your options. 


  • Small partner network. Although Fundera offers many different types of loans to choose from, those loans come from just 20 lenders. Other online loan marketplaces work with a much broader selection of lenders and offer more choice. 

Loan Application Requirements:

  • 1+ year in business
  • Business must be based in the U.S.
  • Business owner(s) must be U.S. citizens
  • Good credit score

Best For A Variety of Lending Options

Fundera has many different types of loans to choose from, and they provide helpful educational content for borrowers. This is a good platform for dental practices who aren’t sure what type of loan they need and want to compare their options. 

Funding Your Dental Practice

There are many different reasons why dental practice owners might need to take out dental practice loans. Starting a practice comes with a huge range of expenses. There are also new expenses that can pop up as your business transitions and grows. From commercial real estate down to your dental office payroll, dental loans play a strategic role in all dental practices. Here are some of the ways that you can use a dental practice loan. 

1. Starting A New Dental Practice

This is one of the most common ways to use a dental loan. Whether you start or purchase a practice, it comes with a huge range of expenses. Not only will you need office space, but you’ll also need to hire a team, purchase dental equipment, market your dental practice, and much more. A dental practice loan can give you the help you need to get started.  

2. Refinancing Existing Dental Practice Debt

If you took out a loan some time ago to finance your dental practice, you can take out a new loan to refinance it. Many people do this to get a lower interest rate or better loan repayment terms than they had initially. 

3. Getting More Working Capital

Even if your dental practice is already up and running, there are times when you may need more money to keep the business running properly. Taking out a loan can give you the funds you need while your dental practice is in transition. 

4. Financing Dental Equipment

High-quality dental equipment can be very expensive, especially if you’re purchasing newer models. However, this dental equipment is going to be an essential part of your success. You can use your dental practice loan to finance the equipment you need to get started. 

5. Investing in Dental Software

Modern dental office software programs can help you run your practice more efficiently and provide the best care possible for your patients. There are software programs to assess patient data and plan appropriate treatment, as well as programs for billing, dental SEO, scheduling, and other aspects of practice management. These software programs can be pricey, but this is another expense that you can finance with a dental loan. 

How to Qualify For A Dental Practice Loan

The qualification terms for dental practice loans will vary from lender to lender. Qualification terms can even differ between loans from the same lender. When assessing potential borrowers, lenders will look at both personal and business credit scores, as well as your current income, savings, and debt. You’ll also need a solid business plan in place when applying. 

Can I Qualify For Dental Practice Loans With Bad Credit?

You can still qualify for a small business or dental practice loan with bad credit, but the process is going to be more difficult than it would be for someone with good credit. You’ll need to look for lenders that specifically cater to low-credit borrowers. You’re also likely to have to pay a higher interest rate, and you’ll need to prove that you have a strong business model in place before you take out the loan. 

How Long Can You Finance Dental Equipment?

Purchasing new dental equipment is one of the most difficult parts of starting a new practice. Getting good terms on your business loan can make a huge difference in your finances when you are first starting out. Dentist loans for equipment costs usually have repayment terms of three to 10 years. Dental equipment financing with good credit and a strong business plan upfront can help convince lenders to give you a longer repayment plan if you need it. 

Zach Westerhoff

Zach Westerhoff

Co-founder & Head of Product

Zach Westerhoff is a dental marketing expert. Join Zach and over 5,000 dentists to learn how to scale your dental business like a tech startup. Zach managed digital marketing teams & campaigns for large SaaS companies and retail giants. As co-founder of teethtalk ads, his goal is to help dentists advertise their practice to patients looking for treatment.

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